Things That You Can Expect During Your Eye Test

You should not get scared by the word eye examination, as there is nothing to be afraid of. During eye examination, doctors are going to put you under neither any sedative nor any kind of medical intervention. Eye examination is just to make sure that everything is fine with your eyes. Therefore, you should never avoid going for eye testing if you are ever suggested by any doctor.

Let me share my own first experience when I visited an eye clinic for eye exam near me and following were the rundown of things that happened.

  • Greeting

Since I was a new patient, I was asked to fill up a form where I had to mention various things about my medical history and also about my parents and family members. Doctor also asked if I had any kind of eye related problem earlier or any kind of medical problem.

  • Test by Snellen chart

This Snellen chart was developed long time back and is a classic icon that you must have seen in any clinic. Herman Snellen is the eye doctor who first invented this chart and the chart is known by his name in order to remember his contribution. With the help of this Snellen chart the doctor can decide how sharp is your vision. The doctor would like to know from what distance you can clearly read the smallest letter of the chart.

  • Refraction test

Here a tool called retinoscope or any computerized vision testing equipment is used where a light will be thrown on your eyes to read your vision and it will give estimated figure about your sight. After that fine tuning is done where doctor will change series of lenses so that you can see with much better clarity.

  • First left then right eye

Your eyes will see the object with both the eyes as a team. In order to check how it works, the doctor will like to check each one individually. Therefore, he will block the vision of one eye and then try to see how each of the eye is functioning.

  • Color time

In order to check your color blindness various numbers with different color dots will be displayed and if you have problem then it will be difficult for you to read.

  • Puff test

This is meant for measuring fluid pressure in your eyes.

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