Reviewing Bouldering: Should You Consider It For Fitness? Find Here!

Traditional gyms are getting more equipment every single year, and you have endless workout options – right from HIIT to Pilates, strength training and more. Yet, it all feels boring after a point, unless of course, you have a personal trainer, who is helping with every single aspect and suggesting new regimes every other week. Bouldering, also called indoor climbing, can be a good alternative. This is a safer version of rock climbing that’s done indoors in a safe environment and without any harness or ropes. Climbing gyms like have become really popular in recent years, and here’s what you need to know before taking the plunge.

An ideal workout

Rock climbing helps in burning more calories than a standard run, and experts agree that this is a complete workout that uses all parts of the body. Bouldering offers a similar experience, and it will be as challenging as you want it to be. When it comes to bouldering, there are three aspects that matter the most – strength, stamina and balance. Every session is a new experience, and the more you challenge yourself, the better. It’s a mix of cardio and strength training that works pretty well for most people. Kids over the age of 15 can also consider bouldering as an adventure activity.

How safe is bouldering?

Every climbing gym is different, but in general, bouldering is an extremely safe activity that’s more about your body than machines and fitness equipment. If you are scared of heights and have other concerns, bouldering should fit the bill perfectly, because the artificial walls used are much lower in height. Harnesses and ropes are not required usually, but if you are scared, your trainer can suggest the same too. Also, the floors are padded and most gyms add extra flooring mats, so that falls don’t hurt.

Bouldering trains your mind too

While your body takes on the physical challenge of moving up on the wall, your mind is constantly trying a better way to map the route. Bouldering, much like rock climbing, is a mental exercise, as well. It’s great to improve mental clarity, problem-solving skills and balance.

Finally, let’s not forget that bouldering is a social activity of sorts, and you would be working with a lot of other people, including experts and rookies. If required, you can also go for an introduction class to know more on how to get it right.

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